Justice League #1

Here is my pitch for a new Justice League series, preferably right before a massive reboot that will cancel all other Justice League titles so they won’t mind having this crazy weird series on the line up.

The Justice League is dead. Long live the Justice League!

The world’s most powerful team is gone but their archetypes, the indelible impressions they left on their world, still remain. Who will step up to take their place? Why the Justice League #1 of course!


The Justice League #1 Roster

Man of Tomorrow- Propelled a million years into the past to save the future, Manuel Torres is the ultimate human whose mind bending technology gives him powers beyond mere mortals. His pros include a down to earth attitude and chumminess. His cons are a crippling inability to ignore suffering and a mild social awkwardness which no hypertechnology from the future can cure!


The Dark Knight- An autonomous suit of black armor that is programmed to fight crime and kick ass. Designate DC-85299 does not remember where it came from or who made it, but it knows that evil cannot be tolerated and will do everything in its power to right wrongs and protect the innocent, just as soon as it figures out what innocent means!


Amazon- Throughout history, warrior women have risen from humble origins to fight against tyranny and oppression. From the Amazons of Greek myth to the female fighters of Dahomey, from Boudicca to Joan of Arc, history is riddled with tough as nails women fighting to survive in a man’s world rife with conflict. In the hidden city of El Dorado, deep in the rainforest that bears their name, a secret society of women have banded together to continue the fight for truth, justice and the Amazon way. At any given time, one among them bears the title of Amazon and represents all of warrior womankind. The current title holder is Kurdish Freedom Fighter, Rezan, of Quraci Kurdistan. Bestowed with the magic talismans of her predecessors, young Rezan struggles to live to up to her name and title… Amazon!


Apollo- A polymath, polyglot, and all around multitalented ubermensch. A god of light and the arts, he is the Green Lantern of this team, using his gifts to fight the evils of this world and beyond. In a way, he is also like the Thor of the group given his divine background. Well traveled and well read, Apollo often comes across as conceited to those who don’t know him. Once they do get to know him, however, they quickly regard him as a brilliant talent and inspirational figure. He’s struck up a great relationship with the Streak, who he sees as Hermes incarnate. His signature weapon is the bow and arrow, but these days he attacks with constructs made of hard light which is better suited to his creative mind.


The Streak- There is a force in the universe that guides all motion. A Speed Force. Throughout the ages, avatars of this force have risen to the challenge of defending the multiverse. This is not one of those avatars. While researching quantum motion, Fred Eastman was caught in an explosion that moved him out of phase with the universe. Caught between moments, stuck outside reality, Fred struggled for what seemed like years trying to reach out and touch the physical world, always just beyond his grasp. It wasn’t until a moment of clarity, where he realized he’d been reaching in the wrong fifth dimensional direction, that he was able to return to our world, mere seconds after the accident. Forever changed, Fred is now the speedster known as the Streak!


Manhunter- An alien from beyond the known cosmos, the being known as Manhunter arrived on Earth looking for an elusive prey. When he realized that his prey had long since perished due to the particulars of faster-than-light travel, Manhunter decided to find a new purpose in life since returning home meant termination. He quickly took to crime fighting, which fit with his skillset very well. Since his true form is horribly, nightmarishly incomprehensible, he will often assume more palatable shapes while on patrol. His abilities are numerous and varied, including flight, heightened senses, super strength and durability, advanced mental sensitivity, and the reason he can manifest all of them; shape shifting.


Astral Man- Long ago, a great continent sank beneath the waves in a single day and night of tragedy. That continent, of course, was Great Lemuria! Located in the Indian Ocean, the inhabitants of Lemuria were busy mapping the universe while the rest of humanity was  mastering fire. Rising to such heights so quickly would prove to be the Lemurians’ downfall when an experimental weapon of war created a rift in reality which swallowed the entire continent whole. Many millennia later, Lemuria has returned, though it is only a couple centuries ahead of the modern world; a shadow of its former self. The king of Lemuria, Jagathy Rex, represents his people on the world stage, commanding awesome and strange powers with dignity and honor. Powers like an advanced constitution, a mind like a library packed with ancient knowledge, and the ability to command the mindboggling creatures of the rift with his thoughts alone.



The Justice League- When the cry goes out for heroes to defend the Earth, who better to answer the call than… The Justice League? Born from the sign sitting atop the Hall of Justice after it was animated by dark magic, The Justice League is a formidable force made from the toughest materials in the universe and driven by a single overpowering command… to become the greatest Justice League of all time! It can fly, it can take a hit, it doesn’t need air, food or sleep and it doesn’t take kindly to upstart pretenders trying to steal its title. You’ll never find a more kickass collection of letters. It is The Justice League!


The Sons of Hercules- Time was, you could call this place Man’s World unironically. Now people roll their eyes because men are no longer respected or even treated equally. Now it’s Woman’s World! A world of stay at home dads and corporate dominatrices where a guy can’t even ask a girl on a date without someone shouting harassment. Well no more. The Sons of Hercules are here to fight in the name of oppressed men everywhere. They have muscles, they have guts, and they have the facts the mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear!


Detective Corp- In a world of superheroes, aliens, wizards, and alien wizards, the average beat cop has little chance of effectively enforcing the law or even solving the most basic mystery when cosmic forces are involved, let alone time travel. There’s got to be a better way! Enter Detective Corp, the world’s number one supplier of law enforcement tools and forensic detection equipment. Using time proven, field tested designs, Detective Corp have leveled the playing field for Officer Joe Average. Microscopic jewel thieves? No problem! Detective Corp’s state of the art forensic technology can detect and quantify anomalies at any size, on any spectrum. Ghost bandits robbing ATMs? No sweat! Detective Corp’s new line of non-lethal and intermediary compliance devices will bring felons of any life challenged persuasion to justice. Just sign on the dotted line and all your problems will be solved*.

*Detective Corp is not responsible for any dimensional mishaps that may result from improper use of certain restraining devices. Detective Corp does not guarantee use of compliance devices will not violate Intergalactic Law or the Hague Conventions of other Earths. Detective Corp is the sole owner of the word “Detective” and will crush anyone who thinks otherwise. Law Enforcement discounts not valid in Alaska or Tennessee.