Month: September 2015

Lord Esteban

Lord Esteban is unfit to lead this great land. Yes I’ve said it! He is a menace and a deviant of the highest order! Consider what manner of insane buffoon could conceive of “reforms” which amount to eliminating poverty whilst simultaneously conserving the environment? Noble and idealistic, of course, but not when done at the expense of the First Class. That is his strategy; to use mob rule and the sympathy of the Voiceless to enact his twisted agendas. Matters of governance are the purview of those with Voice! The institution of government depends on it and yet he skirts such barriers by appointing the Second and Third Class to his ministry. Outrageous I say!

The worst offense is that he should know better. Esteban, a man with a pure and noble soul, tall in stature, lithe and quick, sun kissed skin a mark of his high born heritage, that keen gaze that pierces the very core of a man, and a Voice that booms and shakes the very heavens! This model of First Class nobility has crippled the guiding hand of the Markets, denied the First Class their rightly deserved luxuries, cleaned up the slums while creating new schools to educate the children of the Third and Fourth Class, and rebuilt those dilapidated infirmaries on the border march! Indefensible! The Founders did not envision this! This man has betrayed his Class and made a mockery of the founding ideals. Lord Esteban is a villain and must be punished!