Bodily Entrance

Previous Entry here. A continuation of a continuation.

Evan landed in a pile of filth. He picked himself up and jumped back up the stone stairs that led to the alley where his friends and teammates were fighting some asshole named Mass Mask, another merc looking to collect on their heads. He went for another slash with his sword, only to get knocked away again. So Mass Mask was pretty tall to begin with. Easily six and a half maybe seven feet tall. Hard to tell with the combat boots. Evan was at a loss because nothing he threw at the guy made a dent in him. It had something to do with the gas mask he was wearing, it had to. It didn’t look right at all, heavily modified. Evan didn’t feel any magic coming from this guy so it wasn’t that. Maybe the mask had nothing to do with it and instead it was because of some unheard of super serum or one of those extra-dimensional bio implants he’d been hearing so much about.

“It’s not working with the sword thing. Try something else,” said James, trying unsuccessfully to change his gun’s battery.

“But the sword thing’s all I know!” Evan said, going for another slash.

“Personal weapons, Singh. Personal weapons!” Mallory shouted.

Evan noticed that Mallory’s stone fists were doing considerable damage, even though Mass Mask didn’t seem to feel it. Still, he was low on options.

“All right, Ass Mask, have a taste of my fist!” Evan yelled. He aimed for the solar plexus. He heard a crunching sound and realized a second later that his fist had made that sound. Evan sucked in air to scream and was smacked away, knocking the air right out of him again. He landed next to a dumpster.

“Little Lion, das is no good. Nein nein, you cannot defeat me with your silly weapons. The power of make-believe will only defeat you,” Mass Mask said.

Evan wanted to say something like, “I’m about to make your face make-believe,” but all that came out was, “Puhhhffffffluuuuhhhh….”

“Mantis Edge, he has magic resistance. You’re up!” Mallory shouted. James gave up trying to change his gun’s battery. He had flipped it at least three times and the thing still wouldn’t click all the way in. #engineeringproblems.

“One zinger and two boomers coming up,” said James. He dug a miniature rocket out of his utility bag and attached it to his wrist. Mallory dove out of the way. Mass Mask looked confused and then turned just in time to see James shoot the missile.

The missile hit and embedded into Mass Mask’s skin, sending a ton of electric shocks into his body. Next, James grabbed two small metal spheres and lobbed them at his stunned enemy. They exploded near him with concussive force. Non-lethal of course, but very effective at taking enemies out. Except this one, apparently, as Mass Mask still stood when all was said and done.

“I must admit I am impressed that the three of you have lasted as long as you have considering how poor your fighting skills are,” he said, though it was clear he didn’t have much left in him.

“You’re a terrible bluffer,” said Mallory.

“Yeah, don’t be a sour Kraut,” said James.

“Dude,” said Mallory with a disgusted look.

“What? My grandpa’s from Germany, I can say it,” said James.

“That’s still… I mean, come on,” said Mallory.

“We got… we got ques… *cough* holy gods in heaven,” Evan said with much difficulty.

“Nein, little Lion. You and your scheise friends will see me again very soon,” Mass Mask said. He ripped the zinger out of his chest and ran. Evan threw the limp, unconscious body of Mr. Smoke in his path, tripping him.

“Ms. Marble, Eagle Dive now!” Evan said as he threw his Warp Dagger.

“That’s not my name you punk-” Mallory said, disappearing as she caught the dagger.

“What the? What the fuck?” Mass Mask said in a very unGerman accent. A second later, Mallory impacted him from above, leaving a small crater in the alley next to the alley behind the Cassini Club.

“That felt good,” said Mallory.

“That was risky. You could have killed him if you misjudged the distance at all,” said James.

“I didn’t,” said Evan. Mass Mask lay squirming on the ground, looking a lot less tall and muscular than he had a second ago. Evan pulled the mask off of Mass Mask’s face. “Martin Morton? What the heck are you doing masquerading as a masked menace?”

“Cuz I got a bone to pick wit you. Wit alla you,” said Martin. “You done nothing but give me hell and grief since I came to this city. It’s all because of your ‘heroics’ that my little girl is still sick. Your need to be a hero is keeping my wife from getting the help she needs. My dad is dead because you stopped my crime spree. I needed that money to help them and you screwed me over.”

“You short sighted motherfucker,” Evan said, grabbing Martin’s throat and pulling him up off the ground. “You stole from people who needed that money just as much as you. Don’t pretend like you didn’t have a choice. You chose this, and now your family has to live with the fact that their son, their husband, their dad is a criminal who basically lives in prison now. You did that. Not me.” He punched Martin in the face.

“Hey, Lion, calm down,” said James. Evan huffed.

“Tell me who’s paying you to kill us! Who, dammit?” Evan shouted.

“It’s anonymous. It’s all anonymous. I don’t know. I just know where to go to get my pay day,” said Martin.

“Take us,” said Evan.

“I can’t. They’ll know. I need the money,” Martin sputtered.

“Are you begging right now? Is that what’s happening?” Evan asked.

“No please, I can’t. I can’t. My daughter… please,” said Martin.

“I don’t think he’s talking to us,” said Mallory.

A sound like meat ripping came out of Martin’s mouth. Evan jumped back, sword in hand. Martin screamed, tearing at his hair. Then his stomach exploded. A long black worm like creature slid out of the newly formed cavity and wrapped itself around Martin’s neck. Martin stood up and started walking toward them, still screaming.

“Gross! What the… ew!” James yelled.

“Get away! That’s a Zilorean Death Worm!” Mallory shouted.

“Gimme a sec to throw up in my mouth. Then run!” Evan yelled.

The three of them could hustle when the situation called for it. The Zilorean Death Worm was faster. It would always be faster.

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