Invasive Countermeasures

Field Report #18999744

Native species showed no reaction to Solution V.

Field Report #18999745

Native species displayed minor change to Solution VI. No further testing recommended until ruptures subside in order to establish efficacy rate.

Field Report #18999746

It’s funny, watching them. As a species they are singularly simple and yet infinitely diverse. That variance has been the crux of the problem eliminating them. Bio agents are no good. Even the deadliest plague can’t wipe all of them out. They adapt too quickly.

Field Report #18999747

The method doesn’t matter. They always find a way. Release an oxygen inhibitor virus in the ocean and the flyer variant of the Native species will stay away from the vector zones; rivers, deltas that sort of thing. Disperse it in the atmosphere and the swimmers dive deeper. The tree climbers and the burrowers are similarly hardy. I want to call it instinct, but I know better. They are able to pass information along at an impressive rate. Somehow. Each individual is almost genetically identical to every other in the species and yet targeting that uniformity constantly ends in failure. The mystery of how their genetics are expressed might be the key to their extinction but for now more mundane methods continue to be favored.

Field Report #18999748

Solution VII was less effective than the previous version with only extreme hair loss and radical pigmentation change seen in the sample population. Not a single instance of organ failure was detected, much to my frustration. I don’t know why we’re wasting our time with the Solution series. There are more effective ways to target the Native species. Early tests indicate they share a common mental web. Not a psychic connection as I first surmised, but a definite impression in the Aether where great numbers of them gather. Perhaps a mind worm of some kind could be fashioned that targets this mental web. Mass suicide anybody? I swear, the higher ups aren’t thinking big here.

Field Report #18999749

Solution VIII caused extreme mental retardation in 25% of sample population. The rest became extremely intelligent. Had to deploy the drones to keep them from escaping the test site. And just in time too. Another minute longer and the Native species would have recognized them hiding among the family units. I recommend scrapping the Solution series immediately as another event like this cannot be allowed to happen.

Field Report #18999750

Nothing new to report. I continue to watch the Native species flourish after the series before the Solution failed to eradicate them. There are so many ways to kill them I can’t stand it. I am truly wasted here. If only I had free reign of this place, I could show you all wonders.

Field Report #18999751

They are a social species. They organize themselves along greater family units and coexist peacefully for the most part. Easy solution: introduce an irritant into their environment that enhances aggressive behavior and bam, they start killing each other. Within a decade, no more Native species! Here’s another one for free: change the bioprocesses of the lowest organism in the food chain so that they emit a mild neurotoxin. By the time biomass gets back up to the Native species, the toxins will have built up so much it kills them. This way, every other link in that chain can remain relatively unharmed. Now, I know what the higher ups would say. The Native species are omnivores and previous plans involving their diets have failed, but that’s the beauty of this plan. It leaves the rest of the food chain alone. The neurotoxin can be tailor made to affect only the Native species. It’s brilliant, people!

Field Report #18999752

As I celebrated my tenth year here at the station, an unexpected gift arrived. A new series from the higher ups! To my delight, the new tool kit includes molecular neural manipulators and improved dispersal units. Sentience disruptors! Just like I suggested in Report 18999002. Someone has been reading these after all. I can hardly wait to assemble these and try them out.

Field Report #18999753

I hate the Native species. I hate them so much. If my hate could be weaponized, the Native species would be dead a million times over and my original 6 month assignment here would have ended early! Once again, the deadly neural manipulators that would have killed almost any other sentient species in the universe have only served to make the Native species gassy. Maybe in a thousand generations, the methane build up will be enough to shift the climate and end these f#$%ers once and for all but I could only be so lucky.

Field Report #18999754

This is a punishment. There’s no way these things evolved to be this resilient. They were specifically engineered to torment me! They are a species of virtual clones with multiple genetic vulnerabilities and yet they still live! How else can you explain this?

Field Report #18999755

These things cannot be killed. They eat everything, they constantly procreate, they are the most successful species on the planet. And yet they are so simple. This simplicity boggles me. Organisms require a certain amount of complexity to be successful. From the basics of multicellularity to mental development and social hierarchy. Not so with the Native species. Maybe we’ve been going about this all wrong.

Incident Report #89

At 0157 hours this morning I called for a megasonic torpedo barrage on a local cluster of Native species sleeping in a cave system. It happened during a moment of lapsed judgment caused by extreme mental duress and it will not happen again. I am ready to receive my punishment.

Field Report #18999756

The problem with complexity is that after a while the negative feedback loops become unmanageable. Take the Native species. When their population gets too large, famine or environmental change will bring the numbers back down. Everything stays simple. Increase the complexity of this system by adding energy or food and suddenly the number and effects of the negative feedback loops increase exponentially. Eventually everything returns to a state of natural equilibrium. If I could just find a way to harness the negative feedback loops of this planet and overcharge them, I could be rid of these infernal nuisances.

Field Report #18999757

My suggestions for good old fashioned massacres fell on deaf ears at the recent teleconference. Management doesn’t want to handle the clean up, they said. They want nature to handle the killing, all we do is nudge it in the right direction. Bull. All we do is s&%t the bed. That should be the new motto. The neural manipulators continue to be ineffective. No amount of tinkering seems to have a noticeable effect on the Native species. They ignore every impulse I throw at them. Perhaps they are too stupid to understand what desire is.

Field Report #18999758

A devious idea occurred to me last night. If the Native species are too stupid to accept my neural prompts, then perhaps a dash of Solution VIII is the key. With boosted intelligence, they will surely become more susceptible to the manipulators. I set it all up and it is currently running now. I will know how successful I was in the morning.

Incident Report #90

At 1237 hours the second wave of the Native species broke through the holding barrier, sprinting over the carcasses of the first wave. They disassembled the covert drones and within hours had working missile weapons. Primary line defenses were called online but they failed to stop the attack. The station is surrounded. Once I have submitted this report I will initiate a total self destruct to prevent the Native species from reaching the home dimension via the portal as per Protocol Serpentine Oscar Love. The outer wall has just been breached. If for some reason I don’t make it, tell my family Ifiasjdofawiehnf’waooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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