Avenger-ize Everything Part 1: DC

I like mash ups. More than a simple meeting of concepts (Ghost Trek! It’s like Ghostbusters meets Star Trek!) mash ups combine characters, settings, even universes, and can lead to lots of fun ideas which highlight what makes the originals work so well separately. Comics are a medium that is especially great for this since alternate universes and What if? scenarios are already baked in (What if Venom was the disabled war veteran Flash Thompson? What if Gwen Stacy was Spider-man? What if Superman was a dirty commie? etc.). See the DC/Marvel Amalgam universe for some good and not so good examples of this.

We all saw the Avengers Infinity War trailer. I’ve got Avengers on the mind. So much so that I’m seeing them everywhere. So in the spirit of comics, I will ask: What if the Justice League was the Avengers?

Colonel Rock: A veteran of WWII, Sergeant Franklin John Rock was the only surviving member of the legendary Easy Company. An old story goes that he lost his eye when the last shot of the war was fired. No one’s ever asked him if the story is true. He later joined A.R.G.U.S. and quickly rose up the ranks performing many high risk intelligence operations in Europe, Southeast Asia and the U.S. Now the head of A.R.G.U.S., Col. Rock has begun a new program; the Avengers Initiative, which will usher in a new age of security for the United States and the world.

Superman: When the Armed Forces came to Smallville, Kansas looking for recruits, mild mannered Clark Kent was the first in line to volunteer. Due to his weak and badly adapted alien physiology, Clark barely passed the physical. His burning desire to enlist and his scrawny physique put him on the short list for a highly secretive program meant to create super soldiers. Energized by the yellow sun based radiation of Dr. Charles McNider’s patented Super Vita Rays, Clark Kent’s Kryptonian body emerged from the test chamber completely transformed. A Super man was born! Exhibiting super strength, speed and nigh invulnerability, Clark led the Allies to victory time and again on the front lines supported by his pal and brother in arms, war journalist James “Jimmy” Olsen. Then on one tragic mission, the Superman of America sacrificed himself so that his squad could live. Thought lost forever, the Man of Steel was recently dug up from the ice and revived by agents of A.R.G.U.S. Col. Rock recruited the long lost Superman to be the leader of the fledgling Avengers. Clark set up his Fortress of Solitude on the spot on the ice where he was found and returns there whenever he needs a respite from the strangeness of the future he’s woken up in. Once proclaimed the Man of Tomorrow, Superman is now a man out of time; lost, alone, and afraid of what is to come.

Bruce Wayne: Billionaire, Playboy, Industrialist, Bruce Wayne is THE leading security consultant/collaborator with A.R.G.U.S. who use a great many Wayne Tech products in their fight against evil. Driven by the death of his parents to right the wrongs of the world, Bruce spent a majority of his youth traveling the world and learning the ins and outs of the criminal mind, turning himself into something of a Renaissance man in the process. Since his return to Gotham, Bruce has turned his floundering company around from an aging industrial enterprise into the number one law enforcement technology supplier on Earth. He also developed a highly sophisticated personal protection suit of armor worn by his body guard, codenamed the Batman. But Batman has a secret, for little does everyone know that underneath the armor is none other than Bruce Wayne himself!

The Atom: Though his life long passion was ants, Dr. Ryan Choi studied many small and microscopic life forms, hoping to learn their secrets. When his mentor Ray Palmer passed away, Dr. Choi continued his work in shrinking technology until one day he cracked the mystery of dwarf star matter and perfected the shrinking belt Dr. Palmer had labored for years to develop. That’s when Col. Rock entered the picture. He revealed that Dr. Palmer had been working on the shrinking belt as part of his Avengers Initiative. Since Dr. Choi had finished the belt, he had a place on the team. From that day forward, he became the Mighty Atom! Little did he know, that Col. Rock wasn’t telling him the whole truth about Dr. Palmer’s work and true purpose on the team…

Aquaman: The King of Atlantis, the seas, and the highest regent beneath the gods. Born Arthur Curry, the being who would later be known as codename Aquaman first discovered his heritage after his fishing boat capsized in the stormy waves of the North Atlantic. All the men in his crew died but he miraculously survived, only to be rescued by long range Atlantean scouts. After learning the ways of his people and living in the fabled city for many years, Arthur Curry fought a war of succession and banished the usurper king Ocean Master before ascending to the throne himself. Now with the Cold War heating back up and the surface dwellers getting more uppity by the minute, King Arthur returns to the surface to parlay with the leaders of Earth.

Wonder Woman: A diplomat from the paradise island of Themyscira and daughter of the Amazon Queen. To the Amazons, though, diplomacy is just a polite word for espionage of which they are masters and their many exploits in Man’s world often come across as urban myth and legend. A master of martial combat and military strategy, and a disguise artist like no other, Diana of the Amazons can disappear in a crowd and quick change like nobody’s business. There are rumors that an Amazon warrior fought alongside the Allies in Germany, including one famous battle next to the Superman of America and Captain Wayne of the Hell Bat Brigade. A warrior that very much resembled a young Diana.

Green Arrow: Despite coming from wealth, young Oliver Queen couldn’t bear to rest on the name or family fortune. He had to make something of himself. He joined the military and later the SAS before being attached to the legendary Blackhawks squadron. Trained in many killing arts, Queen showed an aptitude for archery which he would later adopt as part of his “Superhero cover”. Later becoming a liaison and full fledged task force member of A.R.G.U.S., Queen operated as one of their top agents next to Agent Diana Prince for years before Col. Rock realized Queen’s potential as an Avenger.

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