Avenger-ize Everything Part 2: Dr. Seuss

One team, Two team, Red Team, Blue Team. It’s time for Dr. Seuss’s Avengers!



The Cat in the Hat: A capable leader and collector of whimsical, wonderful tech, the big boss in the red and white hat is the only cat upholding the balance between chaos and order. Though he has an army at his beck and call, the troubles of the world often require a greater force than even he can muster on his own. And so, the Avengers answer the call!

Things 1 through 1 million: An army of Things who only listen to the boss man in the Hat.

The Grinch: A grump who’s strength increases based on his emotional state and the size of his heart. Inventive and deviously cunning. Fancy’s himself a master of disguise, but his actual skill leaves a lot to be desired.

The Lorax: An ambassador of nature and powerful agent of the being known as Gaea. He speaks for the trees.

Fox in Sox: A genius investigator, Mr. Fox and his associate, Mr. Knox, go about solving the tongue twistiest riddles.

Horton the Hearer: A cosmic being of great power who hears many an interesting thing.

Sam I Am: Owner of the largest food corporation in the world, he got his start selling Green Foods. Little did his customers know he wasn’t talking about how organic they are! Sam has recently delved into the wonderful world of war profiteering when he supplied both the Zooks and the Yooks with weapons in the Great Butter Battle. His financial backing of Sylvester McMonkey McBean paid off when the entrepreneur convinced a whole city of Sneetches to get unnecessary elective procedures until they were hooked on surgery itself. Now Sam has his eyes turned to the trees of the forest. What a wasted natural resource, just sitting there doing nothing! Sam’s forestry operation recently caught the attention of a certain Lorax…

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