Save The World! (Boss Battle I)

Void by Budi Satria Kwan

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“Social Enforcement Force, attack!” Madison commanded.

<Kennedy attacks Miranda. Solid Hit!>

“Ow! Why are you doing this?” Miranda demanded to know.

“Because you and your kind are exactly what is wrong with this country. With this whole world. Everyone needs to see this. Everyone needs to learn!” Madison exclaimed.

<Miranda attacks Kennedy. Glancing Blow!>

“Nice try, loser,” Kennedy laughed.

<Emmanuel attacks Kennedy. Glancing Blow!>

“Over here, big boy!” Taylor called.

<Taylor used Distraction. Emmanuel falls for it!>

“Manny, where are you going?” Miranda asked.

<Regan used Drop Kick. Miranda is down!>

“Take that, peasant!” Regan said with an awful grin.

“Peasant? Really? What is wrong with you people?” Miranda chided them.

<Emmanuel attacks Taylor. Miss! He is still too distracted!>

“What’s it going to be, bitch? Are you going to #comply or are you going to *keep resisting?” Madison asked.

“Screw you! I’m not going to let a bunch of bullies stop my Summer Project,” Miranda proclaimed.

“And I’m not going to let a bunch of nobodies ruin everything we worked so hard to achieve. I mean, seriously, a helper’s club? What is this, elementary school? Next you’re going to set up a homeless shelter and soup kitchen so it’ll attract all the wrong people to this town,” Madison said.

“What’s wrong with helping people?” Miranda asked.

“The deserving don’t need help!” Madison shot back.

<Madison attacks Miranda. Solid Hit!>

“Ow! Stop this before someone gets really hurt,” Miranda pleaded.

“Abandon your Summer Project and maybe I’ll consider it,” Madison replied.


“Because you trashed my favorite limo and my school uniform. I mean, how dare you even think you could do something like that and get away with it?” Madison asked.

“Total bitch move,” Kennedy said.

“Zip it, Ken!” Madison snapped.

“Fine. If you won’t leave us alone, then I’m calling the cops,” Miranda threatened. Madison burst out laughing.

“The cops? Are you serious? They’re not going to lay a finger on me. Honestly, they’d just arrest you for attacking me and my friends,” Madison said.

“You attacked us first! In front of all these people,” Miranda objected.

“It won’t make a difference. The Police Chief likes his job too much to arrest the mayor’s daughter,” Madison said.

<Emmanuel snapped out of his distraction.>

“Manny! Let’s get out of here!” Miranda said.

<Miranda tried to escape. It failed!>

“You can’t escape this. Submit to your betters or face the consequences,” Madison said.

“No! I’m not going to, you little weirdo!” Miranda shot back. Madison’s eye twitched.

“Fine. Ladies, let’s wrap this up,” Madison commanded. The President’s Club surrounded Miranda and Emmanuel.

<President’s Club Team Charge Attack. Charging 1!>

“What is this?” Miranda asked.

“It’s the end. You had your chance,” Madison said.

<Emmanuel attacks Madison. Miss!>

<Madison used Eat the Heel. Critical Blow!>

Emmanuel fell to the ground, his face busted up good.

“You got something to say? Use your words, Emmanuel,” Madison said with a cruel smile.

“Leave him alone, you… you horrible… Gah!”

<Miranda feels a special power growing inside.>

“Save it, Chubbs McKinsey. This enforcement action is over,” Madison announced.

<Charging 2!>

“Almost done,” Regan said.

“Oh my god, hurry up already,” Madison chided them.

Miranda helped Emmanuel to his feet. Emmanuel brushed the grit off his arm and pants. A wild fury burned in his eyes.

“Why don’t you stay down? Too stupid to realize you’ve been beat?” Madison asked.

<Emmanuel feels a special power growing inside.>

“Seriously, what are you doing? Just. Sub. Mit!” Madison demanded.

“No!” Emmanuel shouted.

<Emmanuel achieved Maximum.>

Madison and Miranda were stunned with slack jawed silence.

<Emmanuel used Spin Kick. Solid Hit!>

Madison fell on her butt from the force of Emmanuel’s attack.

“Ow! What the hell is happening?” Madison sputtered as she scrambled to get up.

“Manny,” Miranda whispered, still stunned.

“You’re gonna regret that!” Madison shouted.

<Madison used Arrogant Glare. Muscles Boosted!>

<Emmanuel used Hot Blooded. Speed up!>

<Emmanuel used Knuckle Duster. Solid Hit!>

“You hit me again and my dad is sending you straight to prison!” Madison threatened.

<Madison used Social Privilege. It missed!>

<Emmanuel used Meteor Fist. Critical Blow!>

<Charging 3!>

“We’re ready!” Taylor announced.

“Let her rip!” Madison cried.

The three President’s Club members began to glow, first their bodies, then their eyes, lighting up their fancy black masks.

“Manny! Over here!” Miranda called out. Emmanuel rushed to her.

“Eat this!” Regan, Taylor and Kennedy said in unison.

<??? used Repel. Defense Boosted!>

<The President’s Club used The President’s Club.>

A great shining club appeared in the air and smashed into Miranda and Emmanuel.

<Glancing blow!>

“Huh? What happened?” Madison asked.

A hooded figure appeared. He held a staff in his hands which looked like a lacrosse stick with a dreamcatcher taped to the top of it. A laptop peaked out from under his cloak, tied to his belt with a chain. The sun shone off his glasses, giving him an otherworldly visage.

“Enough! Let these people alone!” the figure said.

“Who’s the nerd?” Regan asked.

“I… I’m not a nerd! I’m a wizard!” the figure announced.

Madison and the others eyed him for a moment, then burst out laughing.

“Oh my god, what a total dweeb,” Madison said, holding her side.

“What a loser!” Taylor laughed.

“Stop laughing! I wield power overwhelming! Observe!”

<??? used Laser Beam. Solid Hit!>

“Ow! You burned me!” Taylor cried, holding her singed arm.

“Who are you?” Madison demanded to know.

Miranda tilted her head to get a better look. After a moment, she recognized the face.

“Dartanian? Is that you?” Miranda asked.

“N-no. I’m a wizard,” the figure said.

“Whatever, whiz kid. You’re going down with the rest of them. Ladies!” Madison shouted.

“Hup!” the President’s Club said, forming up behind Madison.

“Dartanian, it is you! How did you shoot a laser beam from your staff?” Miranda asked.

“I figured out a lot of things these last few days. I missed school and all my afterschool activities doing research and it turns out my theory was right. The Tetris Effect. It’s somehow bleeding into our world. Changing the laws of physics. Of causality. Something is making the game worlds inside our heads real!” Dartanian said, excitedly.

“How is that possible?” Miranda asked.

“I don’t know. But it’s so cool!” Dartanian squealed.

“Yeah!” Emmanuel also squealed offering a high five.

“Manny! You can talk!” Miranda squeed, giving him a hug.

“Oh. Uh. Yeah. Ha ha!” Emmanuel said, rubbing his throat scar.

“But, how?” Miranda asked.

“Ha! Huh? Oh,” Emmanuel said.

“Is that all you can say?” Miranda asked.

“Sheeya! Ha! Ra! Toohwa! Oh,” Emmanuel said, trying to speak.

“Oh, Manny. You’re stuck with a video game voice,” Miranda said.

“Ah. The silent protagonist. Can only make attack sounds. Interesting,” Dartanian said, jotting some notes down in a little notebook.

“Um, hello? We’re having a fight or whatever?” Madison asked.

“We’re having a moment here!” Miranda shot back.

“Fine, then I’ll… why can’t I ACT right now?” Madison asked, trying to move from her location.

“Maybe because it’s not your turn yet,” Miranda said with a sly grin.

“The hell does that mean?” Madison asked.

“Wait and see,” Miranda said with a laugh.

“You guys are still on turn based combat? I’m already up to real time action combat,” Dartanian said.

“That’s a thing?” Miranda asked.

Madison screamed and broke free from invisible chains. The rest of the President’s Club did as well.

“I’m not gonna let anything hold me back! You’re all dead,” Madison said.

Boss Battle Phase Two.

All Out!

Madison charged with her lackeys bringing up the rear. They barreled into the three, sending everyone tumbling to the hard pavement.

“Get off me! Palm Strike!” Miranda shouted. Madison flew several feet away.

“How about this? Photonic Burst!” Dartanian yelled. Regan was blasted in the face, knocking her back.

“Spin Kick!” Emmanuel exclaimed. Kennedy and Taylor were flung back simultaneously.

“Oh yeah? Two can play at that game,” Madison said. She concentrated on the potential hidden within. “If you’re some kind of wizard, then I’m a Sorceress Supreme!” She held her hands above her head and called on the magic within. “Mend!”

<Madison healed three Heart Points.>

“No fair. She can heal?” Dartanian said, charging another spell.

“That’s it? Come on, make them pay, magic!” Madison shouted. “Mend!”

<Madison healed three Heart Points.>

“Hey, Maddy, how about throwing some of that our way?” Taylor said, rubbing her aching jaw.

“Quiet! I’m trying to figure this thing out,” Madison snapped.

“Eat physics! Prism!” Dartanian yelled.

A clear pyramid appeared which caught Regan and Taylor in its area of effect. A beam of searing light hit the top of the prism and refracted onto both of them, causing solid damage. Regan covered her head and weathered the attack. Taylor collapsed from her injuries.

“Maddy! Taylor’s down!” Regan screamed.

“I said shut up! Come on, magic!” Madison yelled.

<Madison healed three Heart Points.>

“Just give up, losers!” Kennedy said as she charged.

Emmanuel put his guard up, blocking Kennedy’s assault. Then he countered, punching her square in the face.

“That’s our line. Palm Strike!” Miranda exclaimed. Regan collapsed from her injuries.

“Forget this!” Kennedy said as she turned and fled.

<Kennedy fled!>

“It’s just you now, Madison. Why don’t you do the smart thing and get out of here,” Miranda said.

<Madison healed three Heart Points.>

“Damn it! Why can’t I zap you?” Madison cried.

“Because it’s not in your spell set,” Dartanian said.

“Shut up, nerd! God why are you all so freaking confident and out and open about your weirdness? Why don’t you people know your place?” Madison asked.

“This is our place. Stop trying to oppress us like some kind of bully dictator. You’re not very good at it,” Miranda said.

“Bite me, loser,” Madison snapped.

“I’ll do you one better.”

<Miranda achieved Maximum.>

“Purify!” Miranda yelled.

Madison fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face. The hate in her heart was gone. It was over. She was done.

“Victory!” Dartanian shouted.

“Woo hoo!” Emmanuel hollered.

<Emmanuel leveled up!>

<Emmanuel learned Shooting Star!>

<Miranda leveled up!>

<Miranda learned Core!>

<Dartanian leveled up!>

<Dartanian learned Circuit!>

“Wow! I feel so different all of a sudden,” Miranda said.

“This is what leveling up feels like,” Dartanian explained.

“All right!” Emmanuel cheered.

“Manny, oh my god, you’re talking. I can’t… I can’t believe this is real,” Miranda said, trying not to cry.

“Sha!” Emmanuel replied, also trying not to cry.

“The effect is spreading. First it was just localized at the school, but it’s reaching out further and further,” Dartanian said.

“What does this all mean? Why is this happening?” Miranda asked.

“Hmm,” Emmanuel said.

“I don’t know. I have to keep investigating,” Dartanian said.

“Let us help,” said Miranda.

“Huh?” Emmanuel asked.

“Really? You sure?” Dartanian said.

“Of course. We are the Helper’s Club after all,” Miranda said.

“You’re all a bunch of losers,” Madison said, still on her knees.

“Would you knock it off? You lost fair and square so leave us alone,” Miranda said.

Madison buried her face in her hands and quietly sobbed.

“Um, is she okay?” Dartanian asked.

“She’s harmless. Let’s get to investigating. Where do we start?” Miranda asked.

“Oh. Well, I guess we could… um…”

* Start at the gym and get some reps in while we look for clues.

^ Explore the back woods around Commencement for any kind of weirdness.

# Research at the library for anything even remotely like what’s happening right now.

+ Ask some adults and old folks if they have any idea what’s going on.

(What should the crew do? Leave a comment and let us know.)

2 responses to “Save The World! (Boss Battle I)”

  1. Oh, man. This was SUCH. A. BLAST. I’d already suspected that their world was becoming a video game, and I dunno, it was a relief to see it stated explicitly in this part. Maybe because now the confusion is over and some unhinged fun begins?
    And I knew right away the hooded wizard was Dart! Three cheers for this incredibly awesome guy who saved their asses!
    Also, I dunno why, but I laughed so hard at ‘Madison used Social Privilege. It missed!’. Seriously, Dan, you were on fire in this instalment.
    Oh, and would you mind explaining those file-save-point things you put up after a few chapters? I still don’t understand what they are and what they do. I’m sure it’s something stupidly obvious I’m missing the point of.
    As for the trio’s next step, let’s choose #. After all, knowledge is power.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked this one. I had a blast writing it! The Save Points are just that: chapter markers that separate the story sections as well as show the story’s current progress. They may even have clues to the future…
      Three cheers for Dart! Knowledge is power!

      Liked by 1 person

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