I Suck at Poetry #4

Day 4 of my Poetry Challenge.

Puff Me Up

I’m a Tier One Operator

Knocking down the hesitators

Send you to the undertaker

Say hello when you meet your Maker

Don’t hold me back

When I’m on the attack

I’m a predator on the prowl

Hunting fowl when I run afoul of an ornery owl

I don’t underestimate

I channel the hate

Redirect with verbal judo

Throw the fire back at you

Knock me down and I stand back up

I don’t frown I just puff me up

Here’s my crown and I’m like, “Wassup?”

Such renown cuz I don’t fuck up.

Puff me.

2 responses to “I Suck at Poetry #4”

  1. This is such a 180-degree turn from the style of the previous three poems. Until this, you were sounding like an old, slightly-nihilistic archaeologist who’s now retired from his job and spends his days dispensing all the wisdom he’s gained through his work in the form of poetry. This one was more like a modern rap song.

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    1. I love the nihilistic archaeologist title. That perfectly describes my inner universe most days.
      I was going through some earlier Oblivion episodes in anticipation of the upcoming finale when I stumbled across the battle rap and I got the bug to whip out another one.

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