I Suck at Poetry #6

Well that didn’t last long :P. Here’s the last poem.

Straw Dogs

This is a world of Big Men

Where Straw Dogs get burned.

Cruelty is the point

When power’s abused and unearned.

10 responses to “I Suck at Poetry #6”

  1. How can just four lines carry such power? How?
    Anyway, as you might’ve noticed from your notification box, I’ve been bingeing on your poetry series. I’m sorry it’s ending so soon; you’re quite a versatile writer, and contrary to what you say in the title, you absolutely do not suck at poetry. I’ll be very honest- you’re not as great at it as you are at prose, but you’re good.
    Maybe you could keep the old archaeologist vibe of your first three pieces. Maybe you could explore. Maybe you could add your poems as Bonus Content in the book you’ll publish because you’re too talented not to.

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    1. I appreciate your honesty. Doing this series made me realize the same thing you pointed out about the old archaeologist vibe. I started watching a lot of documentaries about lost cities recently and really nothing makes my brain light up more than seeing the past unburied and come back to life.
      Your last comment (thanks so much for the compliment!) makes me wonder what kind of book it’ll be. I’ve got a couple of things I’m working on, but I really gotta focus on one if I want to get it out in the real world. Which is hard because I’m always working on, like, 5 different things at once. Anyways, glad you liked the series and thanks for stopping by, Anisha.

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      1. I love those lost cities documentaries too! The unearthing of ancient mysteries, the scientific deductions, their eventual conclusions- it’s all very interesting.
        Something tells me the last letter in your Myers-Briggs personality type is definitely P, like mine. Hey, if you cast a wide net, you’ll eventually catch something, right?

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        1. INTP as a matter of fact!

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          1. Oh. My. God. I am an INTP too.

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              1. It’s crazy- we’ve been reading each other’s content for years and we never knew we had the exact same MBTI. Wow. We should talk sometime!

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                1. For definitely, girl

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  2. Very punchy and dark. “Where Straw Dogs get burned” is going to be stuck in my head for a while.

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    1. Thanks for reading my short lived poetry series. I’m glad to see people are enjoying it 🙂

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