Trilibre: The Record of Isslu

Translated from High Auric:

The Record of Isslu, of House Ishlu

The record of world events can be separated into three distinct ages or Times. The largely forgotten First Times, the vaguely remembered Second Times, and our own Third Times, the greatest Times ever recorded.

No one remembers the First Times. Our only evidence of them comes thanks to the efforts of the people of the Second Times. Though the people of the First Times are unknown and unknowable, their touch still poisons us. So full of hubris were the people of the First Times, they that drank the Earth’s blood and choked the sky with foul air and made plas and nooks and ruba and other things that would never return to the Earth. They even touched the face of the Lune with winged artifices of their own wicked design. So great were their crimes that the Earth’s Twin struck back against them, laying them low again and again until all they had built was reduced to dust in the water.

The Second Times are the source of our earliest surviving records. From vast collections left behind by the Savers, we learned of the preservations and the remixed knowledge of what came before. From them we have the raedyo. From them we have the letter press. From them we learned the basics of kheratin manufacture. They too would step across the face of the Earth, leaving their own mark in the record. They too would be laid low, this time by an indifferent Earth Twin that cared not for their accomplishments.

Now we arrive in the Third Times. The Times of the twins. A great respect and admiration for the twins of all Aurics and of Heaven and Earth have led our great people to the pinnacle of scola achievement. No other people or Times can rival what the Auric people have built. Take Great Skiplataea, the Forever City. Here, Darmetriyull Founder King laid the first stones of what would become a mighty city and then a glorious empire. But was he led by the insatiable thirst of the First Times? Was he smothered by the hording instinct of the Second Times? Nay nay and nay again! It would be the sight beyond sight that led him here. The great Twins of Heaven and Earth had spoken in his ear and led him to Skiplataea. Fate and Destiny showed our ancestors the way. Great Darmetriyull Founder King knew not of his future. But the Twins of Heaven and Earth did know and they foresaw the greatness that lay before the Auric people. They knew that our hands and our hearts were ready and willing, fully able to the task.

The great power that sprouted here spread across the continent, laying waste to the Maelja interlopers. The traveling tribes joined our righteous armies one after the other. The six heroes laid the foundations of their houses and brought about great works upon the land, inspired by Darmetriyull Founder King and every king hence. Five hundred years separate the Founder King from our Golden Time. Five hundred years of wonder beyond reckoning.

The mysteries of the Twin-air beckon. The divine rights of the Imperial majesty are solidified. The legacy of Skiplataea will be eternally positive. That is not optimism, dear reader. That is what the cray have foretold and the scola at the Imperial Institute of Raedyo Studies have verified. The scola have interpreted the augur signals and there can be no doubt. The ruins of Skiplataea, rediscovered many thousands of years from now, will dazzle the men and women and lymen of that far flung future age. Let all enemies come to our gates. Let all evils bite at our heels. None can compare to the wonders of the Forever City, where even the lowest live like the kings of a past age. Even here the

=-= Fragment Missing=-=

is why the city will never fall. Let this record be a testament to the cray visions. The incomparable majesty of Skiplataea forever remembered in the halls of Eternity. Unforgotten.

Long Live the Emperor! Long Live Skiplataea!

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