Trilibre: A Petition from Ke Izzlo

Recovered from New Auric:

A reply to the Recycler Committee’s petition to club a Maej woman by Ke Izzlo

With regards to the proposal of “should we club the Maej woman until she dies” I say fuckkin no. The crime of being born Maej was not her choice. She simply walked into the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time, something we’ve all done in our drunker moments. Urbine politics being what they are, it would be a shame if we all had to submit to a search because we decided a fuckkin Maej woman was worth spoiling the whole week.

The holly week ends in a few days anyway. The Urbines will be back in force in no time. We all have jobs and families to get back to. Why risk any of that on a nobody? Take her clothes and her food and her kheratin necklace and be done with it.

With regards to the proposal of “should we club the Maej man until he dies” I’m all for it. Bastard almost made off with my friend’s virginity. Well, if he wants to drain his juice in something, I say he give him what he wants and then some. No one will quarrel with that line of action. In fact the Urbines will probably cheer us on. I need to hear his screams, honestly. The world’s been too bleak lately. We could all use some cheering up and I say a good fuckkin clubbin is in order for him. Let him have it!

The topic of reopening the recycler plant once the rains end is a fair one, I think, and deserves looking into. Let’s hope Misster Tren has it in his black heart to let us operate again. His precautions look an awful lot like keeping operating costs down and it is not his right to deny our livelihood. If he doesn’t see it our way, it may be time to pay him a visit as well. Urbine Tush wouldn’t object. Just don’t let the mayur know and we’ll all be goldi plum. But again, hopefully it doesn’t come to that. I know Zib and Yabu can be very persuasive with a chain nail.

In these trying times, we need to stick together and help each other out as much as we can. People like Tren will divide us because that is how they keep their thumb on us. Don’t let him. Remember our ancestor’s struggle. Remember the legacy of Skipla. We have warrior blood in us. Queen’s blood. We won’t be trampled by petty men like him. We need the scratch for the harvest, remember. And I don’t think anyone wants a bunch of old Aurics waiting around with nothing to do but get into trouble.

A sincere cheers to the recyclers and a Happy Holly week.

-Ke Izzlo, Jurnymin Recycler

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