The Minimalist #5

It is not unlike a Hermit Crab

A scientist studying animal mimicry has spent the last year investigating a most remarkable creature. It makes its home in urban environments, living amongst humankind for perhaps as long as humankind has existed. There is no name for it. There are no books, papers, or studies published about it. It has remained hidden precisely because of its nature. That is, it is not unlike a Hermit Crab. Except that instead of a shell, this creature makes its home in human made appliances. Toasters, ovens, refrigerators, mailboxes, trash cans, even cars and sheds for larger examples of the species. The scientist might have been the most famous to ever live if he’d announced his discovery to the world, except that he died quite suddenly in his apartment from a heart attack. This hasn’t dampened his attitude. In fact, he gets around a lot more now since the creatures he was studying found a new home with him.

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