The Minimalist #6

You Must Defeat the Black Emperor!

The Black Emperor landed hard on his tush. Devil Fist shook his famous fist at his defeated foe.

“It’s over, Black Emperor,” Devil Fist said. “Your reign of terror is through!”

“You’re right,” the Black Emperor said, dusting himself off. “As of tonight, I am now officially retired.” Devil Fist stared blankly at him.

“Retired? What the heck are you talking about?”

“This was my last job. Congratulations. You’re officially a hero now. You defeated the Evil Black Emperor. Welcome to the club.”

“No but… but you’re a villain,” Devil Fist said, unsure of what has happening.

“I used to be. Then the Feds busted me and I became an informant. I haven’t been a real villain in years.”

“But all those heroes… they stopped your schemes and sent you to jail…”

“None of my schemes are real, DF. Think of it more like a… an initiation ritual. You can’t call yourself a real hero until you’ve bested me.”

“So what happens now?” Devil Fist asked.

“For my part, I get to sit on the beach with a cool drink in my hand for the rest of my days. As for you… well, you’re a hero now. You can go and fight crime. Then again…” the Black Emperor picked up his ornate black helmet, “a spot just opened up for the position of local villain. What do you say?”


“Someone’s gotta do it. How are young new heroes going to know if they have what it takes to live the hero life?”

“I… I guess I never thought about it before.”

“So? Want to be the new Black Emperor?”

2 responses to “The Minimalist #6”

  1. The minimalist series is not a microfiction series. It is not a the-type-of-‘stories’-you’d-get-on-instagram-or-something series. It is a what-the-entire-fuck fiction series.

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    1. That is the best tag. I wish more people used it!

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