The Minimalist #8

Hell Inc.

A bookworm, a jock, and a slacker were lazing about at the slacker’s house one night when a hell mouth opened in the basement. The demon Slazzazazazaaaakkkk’q’q’qk’k escaped and declared his new kingdom on Earth. The three college dropouts slew the demon with holy weapons the slacker’s uncle had lying around from his time as a monster hunter. The three were deeply scarred by the experience, but, never one to pass up a lucrative opportunity, the jock proposed a business idea. Become full-time, professional monster hunters for hire! The business took off as more hell mouths opened around town, culminating in a massive apocalyptic showdown between the three and the Devil Lord Fukuckaducka. Drinks all around for our three heroes!

But, a man in a suit and sunglasses comes to town to investigate the rumors of unlicensed monster hunters doing business without government approval. The man called his agency to report on the three and inquires about what should be done with them….

2 responses to “The Minimalist #8”

  1. Meanwhile Starninja: *Casually roasts badly written monster-hunting stories in microfic*

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    1. Roasting is a favorite hobby of mine 😉

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