The Minimalist #10

A Star of Her Very Own

Shelby Wells had one dream; to have a star of her very own. But rather than going to the International Star Registry like a normal person, she decided to call upon the gods of the Heavens. With arcane ingredients and psycho-dramatic garments in tow, Shelby performed her well researched ritual perfectly. For seven days and nights, the ritual continued, until the eighth day, when an errant sneeze sent the spell awry. The skies unfurled like a scroll and the day was rent apart from the night in a cataclysm of fire and torment. Billions perished as the atmosphere left the planet behind. A messenger of the gods of the Heavens appeared to Shelby then, though her body had long expired from the cold and lack of oxygen. We will grant you your wish, the messenger said. And with that, Shelby was whisked away to a far off galaxy, her body compacted into a single point of space, and a billion tons of space dust thrown on top of her, forming the core of a brand new star. The light of Shelby’s star will never reach her home world, as she is too far away, but hopefully someday, a planet will form in her orbit which will support life. A planet that will eventually be called Earth.

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