The Minimalist #11

Hell Inc. 2: Satan’s Boogaloo

It’s been two years since the hell mouth explosion, and business is terrible. The trio of monster hunters are flat broke and there hasn’t been a new hell mouth opening in almost a year. Taskforce: Tartarus, the U.S. government response to monsters, cleaned up most of the regional incursions and one agent in particular, from the Hell Inc. post-credit scene, warns the trio that any further activity by Hell Inc. will be prosecuted after giving them one final citation. Add in the fact that a hunter from a Monster Hunter Secret Society, dressed in knightly armor and wielding a holy sword, is slaying monsters left and right and cutting down anyone who gets in her way and the trio have their work cut out for them!

Just as it looks like things couldn’t get any worse for Hell Inc., Satan himself decides he’s had enough of these pesky humans. He opens the hell mouth to end all hell mouths and plunges the trio’s hometown into the depths of Tartarus itself! Facing eternal damnation, the Taskforce agents, the Secret Society and Hell Inc. must band together to defeat Satan and save the town!

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