StarNinja’s Self-Imposed 7th Blogaversary Super Short Story Writing Challenge!


Apparently it’ll be seven years in May since I started this blog. How time flies! I guess I’d better follow the example of one intelligent and talented poet and go about making my own blogaversary challenge.

So here it is!

The challenge goes like this: in celebration of 7 damn years at the Wormhole Less Traveled, I will write short stories based on the (max 12 words) sentences all (two) of you submit. That gives you (and me) two months to make this challenge worth the title. And by short story I mean real short. Like 500 words or something, depending on how many submissions I get. And if you feel so inclined to write a story based on anyone’s prompt you should totally do it! Just link it here! Aaaah!!!

P.S. Here’s the stories I wrote for the blogaversary

11 responses to “StarNinja’s Self-Imposed 7th Blogaversary Super Short Story Writing Challenge!”

  1. Safety glass is the traditional gift for 7th anniversaries because even if the years have shattered you, you’re still able to hold it all together on the outside.

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    1. That’s what I said, but my wife was less than amused…… 😦


  2. Prompt – Do ghosts have 1st amendment rights?

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    1. Yes. Okay I’ll write a couple hundred more words on the subject. Fascinating question, though!


  3. Oh my god and goddesses, it’s happening, this is real, AAAAA! (Yes, my mother did come to see what was happening, she may or may not think I’ve lost my mind) The best blog on WordPress is going to be seven years old, get some party hats and cake!
    Off to think of a cool prompt!

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  4. All right, I came up with something:
    “Basically, stranded on mars with a spaceship haunted by a jerk superhero.”

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    1. Oooo, so many ways to spin that. K, on it!

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  5. […] So, StarNinja had analyzed all the paragraphs correctly and had guessed…rain! It was soo damn close I was screaming. The answer was *drumroll* Puddles! (Hey, I don’t make the rules) Left behind, drool of the sleepy sky, cutting through the roads, never uniting in seas or rivers or “bleeding into our pipes”. Pedestrians ‘hopping away’. Just go and read the poem again, it will all make sense. […]

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  6. Prompt: Reflections in unlikely surfaces

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    1. Your prompt is so poetic. I’m on it!

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      1. I can’t wait! Feel free to give one back ❤

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