Haaaaaave you seen StarNinja’s 7th Blogaversary Writing Challenge?

Well, folks, we’re about a month away from this blog’s 7th Blogaversary. That’s pretty exciting. How does one celebrate a blogaversary like this, you may be asking? Well, I could throw a party. I could do an anniversary tour. I could hit the Nuclear Option button and release all my unfinished work as a giant middle finger to the Powers That Be exploiting my free labor in order get clicks on a website that makes fractions of pennies in advertising dollars. Or I could do a writing challenge. That sounds pretty fun, right? Very smart and very talented people have done this sort of thing before, right?

So, here’s the deal! I want you (U) to submit your one sentence (keep ’em short, peeple) writing prompts which I, StarNinja, will turn into short stories. Put them in the comments. I will see them with my eyeballs. I will then apply fingers to keys and type out a short story for your viewing pleasure. Can’t decide which one you’d rather submit? Submit ’em all! Want to participate? Write your own stories and put a link in the comments and I’ll give them a mention! I know you all want that StarNinja bump. Who could say no to that? So what are you waiting for?

Do it!


4 responses to “Haaaaaave you seen StarNinja’s 7th Blogaversary Writing Challenge?”

  1. Oh man, I’d been postponing until I could come up with a cool enough prompt, and as a result, totally forgot about it until my sister yelled at me yesterday for not bringing party hats to her favourite celebrity’s blogversary. So here it goes, a ridiculous little thing off the top of my head: ‘The last thing Descartes expected after being hooked on to Desmos after being rudely spat out in the 21st century was…’

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    1. What’s a party without party hats? And am I to understand that Desmos is the very same advanced calculator application we all know and love? Or is it a reference I missed out on? D:
      All right, off to write!


      1. Nope, you got it right: it is indeed the graphing calculator we all love to play with.

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