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I Suck at Poetry #6

Well that didn’t last long :P. Here’s the last poem.

Straw Dogs

This is a world of Big Men

Where Straw Dogs get burned.

Cruelty is the point

When power’s abused and unearned.

I Suck at Poetry #5

Here’s Day 5.


Eyes are the window to the soul

And mine are filled with clouds of grey

I just don’t get it

What is my soul trying to say?

Dark skies soothe me.

Sunny days are meant for play.

I don’t listen when my brain tells me

I’d rather be sad than gay.

I don’t like homework.

Studying burns my soul.

But give me a Star Wars guidebook

And I’ll swallow the damn thing whole.

What is the point of all this?

What lesson am I meant to learn?

Why did I choose birth over bliss?

Why does my soul yearn?

My head is full.

A sink with dirty plates.

My head is empty.

Oblivion awaits.

I Suck at Poetry #4

Day 4 of my Poetry Challenge.

Puff Me Up

I’m a Tier One Operator

Knocking down the hesitators

Send you to the undertaker

Say hello when you meet your Maker

Don’t hold me back

When I’m on the attack

I’m a predator on the prowl

Hunting fowl when I run afoul of an ornery owl

I don’t underestimate

I channel the hate

Redirect with verbal judo

Throw the fire back at you

Knock me down and I stand back up

I don’t frown I just puff me up

Here’s my crown and I’m like, “Wassup?”

Such renown cuz I don’t fuck up.

Puff me.

I Suck at Poetry #3

Day 3 of my Poetry challenge.

The Blackest Age

From whence came the blackest age

With blackest clouds of rain and soot?

Alas it is said that Nature’s rage

Had rendered the question moot.

The Earth’s Black Blood allowed feats impossible

Watch us fly to the Moon and back!

It was never entertained as plausible

That we would fall on our faces flat.

For men seed their dreams with blackest space

And greedy whims stir their blackest hearts.

How then, did they save face

After failing before they’d start?

No galactic civilization for us.

No straight line from the caves to the stars.

Any visions with starships are bust.

We barely even made it to Mars.

The costs were too high.

We made Gaia fuel for the fire.

It was enough to worship the night sky.

Rather than burn in a global funeral pyre.

I Suck at Poetry #2

Day 2 of my poetry challenge.

Rising Helix

Life and Death swirl.

Like snakes intertwined on Hermes’ staff.

One becomes the other and back again.

An image cast long before Watson and Crick ever graced this Earth by

Beings supposedly not real.

Because the gods never left us.

An ancient code.

Encrypted missives mailed one generation at a time.

We are bottles for messages sent by the first hominids.

A chain letter that never ends.

Blueprints for feet, eyes and ears.

Layouts for smiles, songs and other fun things.

Look even further back.

Details hammered out in 3 Billion B.C.

First drafts written and rewritten countless times.

A line here from Eukaryote.

A paragraph edited by Tree Shrew.

A throw away gag from Archecibus.

An epilogue by Homo Erectus.

And there at the last.

A signature from Homo Sapiens

With a flourish at the end.

There are an infinite number of pages left

Before the story is over.

I Suck at Poetry #1

After watching the inaugural poet Amanda Gorman read her awesome awesome work on the national stage, I was filled with inspiration as well as a burning question: if a 22 year old can write nationally acclaimed poetry, why can’t I?

The answer to that question as I soon found out is… I can’t. So here is my personal challenge: one poem a day for the rest of the year! Can it be done? Here is the first one.


They say Atlantis fell in a single day and night of calamity.

Monoliths toppled, pylons felled.

The fires gave way to waves and were quelled.

In the end, was the final nail hubris or vanity?

Culture, art forms, language destroyed.

Tectonic shifts and rapid decline?

Or a slow process of millennial unwind?

Could warnings deter what Nature deployed?

The Ice Age ends.

The ocean swallows human achievement.

The elements ignorant of bereavement.

History’s page bends.

Disappear from the record, ancient cities.

Begone from our memories Mu and Lemuria.

Away with you Sundaland and Beringia.

Let impossible stones be a riddle for future committees.

Millions perish. Millions flee.

What was eternal, changes.

Humans settle new ranges,

Where the land now meets the sea.

The borders are set.

The maps are redrawn.

The land is reclaimed by flora and faun.

The Earth cares not.