So, it’s come to this…

I would like to take a short break from this blog’s usual subject, being a portal to strange, wonderful, fantastical fiction, to examine something that I think is important and relevant and a little depressing. Though perhaps not that surprising depending on your own level of cynicism. For anyone who isn’t aware or is reading this a hundred years in the future; on Thursday, October 1st, 2015 in Roseburg, Oregon a man shot and killed 9 people and injured 9 more. It is the latest in a series of mass shootings that has been plaguing the U.S. for years if not decades. It is terrible, it is a tragedy, water is wet, the sky is blue, etc. There is nothing I can say about this that hasn’t already been said by people way smarter and more qualified than I and after the seemingly millionth one of these, there really isn’t much else that can be said. BUT. There is another angle to this to be discussed that isn’t getting a lot of attention. An angle that may disgust you, may leave you in disbelief, but is most assuredly something that happens regularly. I was sitting on the couch with my fiancé watching the news the day the shooting in Roseburg occurred. I don’t know why, but I had this feeling I needed to look something up. Something I had seen before in regards to tragedies like this. So, I pulled out my phone and googled a few key words. I found this.

For those who can’t open the link or don’t feel like giving the site another click, it is a website called Before it’s news which decided, mere hours after this horrific event, to publish an article calling the shooting a false flag operation. My first thoughts were, “what in the actual fuck?” I mean seriously, what the fuck? I couldn’t believe it. It normally takes weeks, sometimes days for this kind of thing to appear and here it was just hours, HOURS, after the killing stopped. This brings me to two questions. How and why? More specifically, why do people think a false flag school shooting is even a thing and how did conspiracy theorizing get this bad/insane?

I thought I’d lost my faith in humanity enough watching the events in Roseburg unfold but this article was a punch to the gut I wasn’t ready for. I mean, what drove this meat harvesting robot pretending to be a person to write and then publish this? Was this sewer receptacle shaped like a human being just sitting next to his five TVs tuned to different networks, waiting for a mass shooting so he could pound out an article telling us ahead of time, before it’s “news”, that this was a fake shooting we had here? What in the holy blazing fuck? It takes a special kind of person to shout “conspiracy theory” before the bodies are even cold. I mean how cynical do you have to be? Has the conspiracy sphere gotten so bloated that it’s come to this? Are Lizard people too passé now? Is there nothing safe enough to believe in? Not according to these guys. Oh, did I mention this person isn’t alone? No, this isn’t a lone wolf howling conspiratorial cries into the aether of the internet. There are tons of guys like this out there. You’d be surprised how many.

False flags have long been a staple of war. Real life historical examples include the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which sped us into Vietnam and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion which was supposed to make it look like Cuban Counterrevolutionaries were overthrowing Fidel Castro. Now, for some reason, the phrase “false flag” is popping up all over the conspirasphere. Add hoax and the numbers sky rocket. Real people are actually for real getting hurt or killed out there and these people aren’t convinced. I mean what? Where is this coming from? You may be wondering how I even knew to look for this sort of thing on the day of the shooting. It’s because I’ve seen it before. (Blood and gore warning for that last link.)

Just days after the Boston Bombing, people were already doubting the official story and looking for the truth of the matter. It was surreal, watching people piece together the “real” story from pictures and news coverage and such. Mostly they were pointing out inconsistencies with the reporting (which happens every time a bomb or automatic weapon goes off by the way) how the numbers varied wildly and how the things the officials were saying didn’t match what witnesses reported. I’ll admit there were some valid questions brought up (like how the back pack the bomber used was different than the one recovered at the scene and pegged as the source of the explosion) but the stuff about the “crisis actors” and how the victims were planted and faked the whole thing to drum up tears and sympathy and all that junk just sickened me. This was real human suffering we witnessed. Calling it acting and faking is just a monstrous thing to do. Seriously.

You think these are the only examples? Just Google “false flag shooting” and see what pops up. Every single major mass shooting event of the past few years are all there, one after another being “exposed” as lies and hoaxes and false flags by the savvy investigators and internet video experts that know better than to trust the Mainstream Media. Remember the Virginia shooting in August where two reporters were killed? These guys do. Apparently the reporters were paid actors who faked getting shot so the gun control types could take people’s guns away. This isn’t a joke website. Read the comments. These are real people who really believe these things. Remember Sandy Hook? The shooting at the elementary school? With the kids? Yeah that one has its own Wikipedia page.

The point to all of this is that people, real people that you and I know and see on the street, believe these sorts of things. Even people in charge of important things, like, oh I don’t know, the sheriff investigating the shooting in Roseburg. This is not a small thing. There is a whole world of people that think the U.S. government actively plans and executes false flag operations in schools, movie theaters, churches, army and navy bases and so on just so they can get a little bit more of that sweet sweet gun control for their gun hating boners. Sometimes these folks mix with the Jade Helm/UN Agenda/FEMA concentration camp types, but not always. It’s the weirdest thing to see those two fight. They fight over whether something’s a hoax or a false flag. It’s sad and depressing.

This brings me back to my original two questions. First off, how did this happen? Now, look, everyone has their own theories about the way things “really are”. I know I do. But this isn’t your garden variety Moon Landing Hoax or JFK conspiracy theory. This is on a whole other level. It started, I think, with the 9-11 Truth movement. Everyone remembers the Loose Change video or at the very least how many times they were e-mailed a link to it by that one uncle. You know the one. This video was more than viral. It had an impact on the national psyche. It was one thing when conspiracy theories were relegated to X-Files style UFOs or shadow governments hidden in Cheyenne Mountain. This was like the reality TV version of conspiracy theory.

It didn’t help that this was around the time that we all started wising up to the fact that there weren’t WMDs in Iraq, and maybe oil was the real reason we were there and maybe we had been lied to about why we were in Iraq? I mean, what happened to the manhunt going on in Afghanistan? Wasn’t catching bin Laden supposed to be priority number one? It all just seemed to make a sort of sense and for a while a lot of people, even me, believed that 9-11 was an inside job.

Here’s the thing though. Hurricane Katrina came the same year as Loose Change, 2005. When we saw just how terrible the federal response was to the hurricane, it should have collectively dawned on us that there was no way these incompetent clowns could have thrown together an operation like 9-11 and gotten away with it as clean as they would have had to. That should have been the end to any and all truth movements. Instead, people doubled down. Bush doesn’t care about black people, y’all. That explains it. Not nepotism or being severely unprepared for something on the magnitude of Katrina. The conspiracies could continue.

Jump to 2013 and here comes a bomb in Boston. By now, truth movements are a well oiled machine. People were standing by, ready to analyze and scrutinize every piece of film and reporting and witness interview with the intensity of an electron microscope. Is this too far? Is this too cynical? A certain amount of skepticism is healthy if you want to live in a functioning democracy, but calling victims of a terror attack “crisis actors” with “fake blood” and “staged photos” is a bit much.

As for my second question: why? That is a whole other can of onion layered worms that will require another post. But for now, ruminate on all this and tell me what you think.

Lord Esteban

Lord Esteban is unfit to lead this great land. Yes I’ve said it! He is a menace and a deviant of the highest order! Consider what manner of insane buffoon could conceive of “reforms” which amount to eliminating poverty whilst simultaneously conserving the environment? Noble and idealistic, of course, but not when done at the expense of the First Class. That is his strategy; to use mob rule and the sympathy of the Voiceless to enact his twisted agendas. Matters of governance are the purview of those with Voice! The institution of government depends on it and yet he skirts such barriers by appointing the Second and Third Class to his ministry. Outrageous I say!

The worst offense is that he should know better. Esteban, a man with a pure and noble soul, tall in stature, lithe and quick, sun kissed skin a mark of his high born heritage, that keen gaze that pierces the very core of a man, and a Voice that booms and shakes the very heavens! This model of First Class nobility has crippled the guiding hand of the Markets, denied the First Class their rightly deserved luxuries, cleaned up the slums while creating new schools to educate the children of the Third and Fourth Class, and rebuilt those dilapidated infirmaries on the border march! Indefensible! The Founders did not envision this! This man has betrayed his Class and made a mockery of the founding ideals. Lord Esteban is a villain and must be punished!

Today in History: July 28

13000000000000 BCE- God creates the Universe but does not disclose method, making the Universe wholly unscientific. Scientists never let God live it down.

12999999999999 BCE- Universe is a year old and already starting to walk! God is so proud.

65000000 BCE- Just another boring summer day for the dinosaurs.

45 BCE- Julius Caesar invents the month of July so people can party irresponsibly with alcohol and fireworks for generations to come.

1794- French Revolution: Robespierre, a staunch opponent of the death penalty, is executed by guillotine in Paris, France. The irony is lost on the French as hipsters haven’t been invented yet.

1868- 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution is certified, establishing African American citizenship and guaranteeing due process of law a mere 81 years after the Constitution was created.

1984- The 23rd Summer Olympic games open in Los Angeles and hold the unique distinction of being the least 1984-y Olympics, an honor which goes to the 2012 London Olympics.

1999- The Anti-Christ is born, heralding the end of an age.

2015- Nothing interesting happens.

2016- The one year anniversary of nothing interesting happening.

2020- Eye wear specialists and glasses manufacturers realize way too late that they could have had a “2020” eye wear sale going on this whole time!

2026- The supermassive object orbiting the moon since January descends to Earth. A singular alien consciousness, calling itself OverBrain, announces via worldwide telepathic message that it has taken dominion of the planet in the name of an unpronounceable cosmic entity. Within hours of landing, OverBrain sheepishly recalls its previous message, stating that it had accidentally taken a wrong turn at Andromeda and landed on the wrong planet. It recalls its forces and heads to deep space, hoping Earth’s inhabitants won’t tell anybody.

2032- The Anti-Christ comes of age and decides to become an entrepreneur, starting several sun screen and air conditioning companies which will become “essential items in due time”. Chelsea Clinton announces her candidacy for the 2044 Presidential race way way late in the game, hurting her chances according to pundits.

2050- Super Hurricane Zelda, number 700 this year alone, hits the edge of Kansas on its way to Montana. Meteorologists are calling it a slow year for Super Hurricanes.

2077- The Star Wars centennial celebration remake/reboot is released to theaters. Harrison Ford thinks Han Solo actor did “passable job”.

3175- The hidden subterranean kingdom of worm-men finally rises from the depths as predicted by Nostradamus in a lost quatrain. Finding the surface way too bright and cold and the bony meat sacs called “humans” inedible, the worm-men decide to head back down below.

4492- Famed explorer Jesus Rodriguez discovers the lost continent of Europe. He is immediately killed by a super virus upon landing on shore. The local inhabitants roast and eat Rodriguez’s remains in front of his horrified crew.

5400- Geraldo Plascaya is crowned King Emperor President of Nurth Murka at the capital Cuidad Saint Louis Missura, beginning a ten year reign of peace after decades of war. Nurth Murkans are generally unaware of this historic event.

9999- The hit musical “Party like it’s 9999” hits amphitheaters to rave reviews.

1234567890- The straight flush year would have been celebrated if anyone still used the Gregorian Calendar. People use ‘Squid Time’ now. Don’t ask.

Everything was better then

Everything was better then.

What we have now, a pale shadow.

A grey reflection. A light now dimmed. Memory dragged from the mind by tickled senses.

Everything was better then.

Then was magic. Then unlimited.

A child’s eyes sees unfiltered.

The future was potential. Dreams unspoiled and hopes not yet dashed.

Yes, everything was better then.

Now yesterday is lost. Tomorrow is dreaded.

Fear and worry of where we’re headed.

See the young ones dance with joy, and know that someday they too will see.

That everything was better then.

-From the earliest writings of men ever discovered to date. Author unknown.