Save The World!

Void by Budi Satria Kwan

It’s a dangerous time and the world is a dangerous place. Who’s going to save the world? You decide! At the end of (almost) every post, a choice must be made. The choice with the most votes is the one that moves the story forward.


A journey begins, though the path is yet unclear…

1. Choose your Destiny (Take the Quiz and share your stats!)

2. Miranda šŸ™‚

3. Madison šŸ˜”

4. Frederick and Rowinski

5. Dartanian

Save Point I

6. Day 1

7. Day 2

8. Day 3

9. Eddy

10. Day 4

Save Point II

Boss Battle I

11. Mrs. Applegate

12. The Library Continued

13. Jenny!

14. King Hooligan

15. Commencement’s End

Cut Scene I

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