The Nobody Collection

A superhero serial following the adventures of the masked vigilante known as Nobody. In a world where people put on costumes, fly and fight crime, things aren’t very different from our own world. Gas prices still affect world economies despite the invention of fusion power and superheroes take turns as political punching bags even though quite a few of them could drop a carrier on the Capitol building. “Where’s my flying car?” is even more relevant in a world where it was invented in 1961 and despite the immense potential of super humanity to rule the world or kick off a scientific revolution the likes of which has never been seen, nothing of the sort has come to pass. So what gives? The answer to that question will change society in ways no one can predict.

Nobody and The Order

When good cops go bad, they don’t just put themselves on the take. They mask up and take to the streets with shotguns in hand to dole out their own brand of justice. A secret society of vigilante cops called the Order has plans for Jet City and anyone who gets in their way will end up as collateral damage. That is, unless Nobody has anything to say about it!

1. The Nobody

2. Someone’s Dragon is Double-Parked Outside

3. There is No Exit

4. The War

5. The One Stop

6. Elevator Plots

7. Success Through Pain

8. Run and Gun

9. Mousetraps Are For People

10. Enlightenment

11. The End

11.5 Post Scriptum

Nobody and the S.O.S.

The invasion of Jet City by a gang known as the Spiders continues unabated. But even with their recent successes, they need new blood to fill the ranks if they hope to wrest control from the local crime lords. How to separate the wheat from the chaff? And how will they deal with the resident crime fighter known as Nobody? The answer: Call the S.O.S.!

1. Professional Party Crashing

2. Crash Test, Dummy

3. …And her name was Mallory

4. Proper Manors

5. Police: Brutality

Vigilante Notes

6. The Marble Maiden

7. Maiden Interrupted

8. The Mt. Rushmore of Mallory Castille

9. Breaking Eggs and Making Lemonade

10. Counter/Offensive

11. The Price of Heroism

12. The Fury of the S.O.S.

12.5 Post Scriptum II

Nobody and the Spider

The Centennial of Superhumans has finally arrived, and everyone’s in town to celebrate. The Spiders, the Order, the Crime Lords, Federal and Local Law Enforcement, and more superhumans than the city has seen since pretty much ever. It’s a recipe for disaster and everyone, especially the Spider, seems interested in blowing this powder keg up. Who will stand for the little guy caught in the middle of this mess? The masked vigilante known as Nobody? New heroine on the block, Marble Maiden? A random bike courier named James Wagner? Find out in the stunning conclusion of the Centennial Saga!

Jet Ryder’s Lament

1. No Loose Ends

2. Pep Rally

3. A Familiar Face

4. Jet City Heat

5. Closing In

6. Hot Pursuit

7. High Stakes at the Cosmo Hotel

8. Bomb Squad Goals

Jet Ryder’s Conviction

9. Hero Fest

10. A Serious Matter

11. Powder Keg City

12. The Big Leagues

13. The Master Gem

14. How the Game is Played

15. There’s a Minotaur at the End of This Labyrinth

16. A Deadly Dance

16.5. Intermission

Jet Ryder’s Hope

17. Rendezvous at Rose Tower

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