The Origin Universe

The History of Origin




Here are the Origin Axes of Design for those who are curious.

One shots from the Origin Universe. A world of dark mystery and paranoia where things don’t seem too much different from our own. Except for the superheroes of course.

Blue Awakening

Forgotten Bridesmaid

The Complicated Life of Dr. Ekso: Superhero

The Hanged Men

The Arsonist’s Flywheel

Welcome to the Spotlight

Apocalypse Man

Apocalypse Man 2: Apocalypse Harder

Joyride Along


The Ahabs

The Man of a Million Faces

Faster than Fast

Interview With A (=+=)

The Man Out of Time

The American Hero Society

1. The Old Brownstone

2. Blood Diamonds

3. Murder Inc. Gets Walloped

4. The Society Gets Walloped

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