Just Imagine if StarNinja Created the DC Universe!

With Stan Lee’s passing, people are looking back at the life, work, and wonderful personality of the man who shaped comics as we know them today (along with many other incredible talents, of course). While listening to a retrospective of his life, I was reminded of one of Lee’s lesser known legacies; the Just Imagine miniseries he did with DC Comics. With Just Imagine, the comic book publisher invited the reader to imagine what popular DC characters would look like had they been created by Stan the Man himself. The results ranged from meh to masterful and it was a delight to see what a master creator could come up with if given a name alone to work with. DC had done something similar with Tangent Comics a few years before so the idea wasn’t without precedent. So, with a nod to Stan Lee’s Marvelous creative spirit, apologies to all and regret for nothing, here’s the DC Universe if they only gave me the names and nothing else. Excelsior!

Superman– For decades, the pursuit of attaining human perfection came in many forms and navigated many avenues of science. Few people ever came close to attaining perfection, even with the sharpest, most brilliant minds of the age working on the matter. Finally, a group of the most learned men on Earth came together and succeeded in creating the perfect man. The motivations of the men behind this project ranged from breeding the Aryan ideal to proving that anyone can be super. But despite the diversity of opinion, in 1936 the collaboration produced a perfect man. A Super Man. Grown from a secret mixture of genetic and chemical components and given state of the art education and training, the Super Man quickly developed into a paragon of physicality and mental ability. But one particular scientist, despite the protests of the others, made sure that he would never neglect his heart or that his mission was ultimately the betterment of mankind.

Many years have passed since his creation and now the functionally immortal Super Man spends his time learning, training, and developing new methods of living which will help mankind survive it’s coming trials. At least, until a super threat pulls him back into the public eye. A super threat that only a two-fisted man of action can solve!

Batman– In the heart of darkest Africa, one man has been watching over his domain, protecting the people and the creatures within from the outside world. He is a keeper of dark secrets, a sentinel in the night. He wears the skins of beasts and communes with the spirits of the land. With ears attuned to the quietest of sins, and eyes blind to the pleas of the guilty, the Bat-Man strikes against those who would upturn the natural order. Dark spirits, greedy poachers, heartless warlords, all know to fear the “man” that haunts the jungle. Predators stalk the night and take their due, but overstep the bounds of necessity and the living shadow will overtake you. Beware… the Bat-Man!

Wonder Woman– Taken in as an orphan by a traveling circus, the girl who would one day become the hero of America’s Heartland took on the name Amantha and quickly proved to be more than a mere child prodigy. Named the One Woman Circus by her fans, Amantha could lift more than any strong man, juggle better than any juggler, trapeze, walk tight ropes, and balance better than any acrobat and given enough time, grow a beard to rival the gods! She got her first taste of crime fighting when a string of robberies seemed to be following the circus wherever it went. After a brief investigation, she realized that a gang of robbers were holding up banks and businesses whenever the spectacle of the circus distracted the common folk. Amantha put a stop to their scheme and she became an instant hit across the country. The name the papers gave her stuck, and from then on she was the Wonder Woman!

Green Lantern– The Man of Mysteries. The Master of Minds. From the far reaches of the Far East, urban legends tell of a man or woman whose influence has spread across centers of mundane and magical power alike. Myths and rumors abound of his true power, motives, and means. Is she a crime lord that controls the routes which vice must traverse across the face of Asia? Is he a mystical Watcher of Worlds whose luminous being keeps the planes separate and discreet? Is she a manipulator of men’s hearts who subtly tugs on the strands of fate that connect all living things, nudging the world this way and that, to preserve a Cosmic Balance that few can even comprehend? Perhaps all are true. Perhaps none. Puppet Master or puppet? Mastermind or tool? The one known as Green Lantern barely know themselves and they know much that we do not.

Flash– Born in a time of nuclear paranoia and Red Scares, Desmond Delmont became a nuclear physicist and later engineer who worked on developing better and more powerful nuclear weapons to fight the Ruskies. During testing of a new weapon, Desmond was bathed in the light of nuclear fire which obliterated his body. Mere moments later, a new body formed which was brighter than any scientist present could stand and those that weren’t wearing protective eyewear were blinded instantly. The government interred the newly formed metahuman, codenamed the Flash, and began to study his abilities over the next decade. When an accident at a nearby lab resulted in a near nuclear incident, the government dispatched the only personnel qualified (and hardy) enough to investigate. Wearing a protective suit that keeps the outside world safe from his powers, he goes where no man can safely go and fights in the name of the US government. He is… Agent Flash!

Aquaman– Less is known about the ocean than the surface of the Moon. One man hopes to change that fact. In the deepest depths of the sea, Anton Alquin researches the least mapped of Earth’s biosphere from a geothermal powered lab. Using funds and grants from public/private partnerships, the charismatic Anton, nick-named the “Aquaman”, develops technology to better traverse and explore the ocean and lobbies to protect the fragile web of life from pollution and overfishing. Everything changes when he discovers a portal to the inner Earth where lost civilizations hide and savage, primal vistas wait to be discovered. Can he protect this new world from the predations of treasure hunters and immoral explorers? More importantly, can he and his organization protect our world from the primeval horrors below!

JLA– There are threats in this world that no single person can handle alone. Enter an organization up for just such a task. Founded after WWII by a mysterious benefactor, the Alliance Liberte et Justice, or JLA, fights to protect the world from evil! With ranks filled by the greatest heroes on earth, newest member Wonder Woman has a lot to prove and plenty of gumption and moxy to do it.

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