The Minimalist #12

A Prince’s Promise

Danika, a mid 30’s interior designer from New York City, just found her happily ever after. A chance meeting with a prince of the small European nation of Fredrekia led to a whirlwind romance which led to a shotgun wedding. The honeymoon was front page news on every paper in the world. When she and her prince went home to their new castle they were met with thunderous applause and a parade to end all parades. The people of Fredrekia loved their new princess and would welcome her as their Queen when the time came.

That all changed with the Fredrekia Papers Leak. Tens of thousands of tax documents, secret memos and internal bank files revealed the shocking truth that Fredrekia was more of a tax haven for the criminally rich than a real country. The King, Queen, Noble Houses and all of Parliament fled into exile, leaving Danika and her very clueless prince in charge. With Interpol on their trail, they have to survive the week until they can escape the country and seek asylum in a neighboring country. That is, if the angry mob doesn’t get them first.

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